Dieffenbachia in Decorative Pot

Dieffenbachia in Decorative Pot

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Also known as 'Leopard Lily' due to its decorative foliage, this is an easy-to-grow plant that is a staple in many indoor gardens! They prefer bright, indirect light (but will tolerate a bit lower light) and higher humidity levels. Water thoroughly then let dry lightly (so that the soil is just lightly moist) before watering again. Dieffenbachias are considered 'air cleaning' plants, so not only will they improve the look of your home, they will help your air quality too. Set in an attractive ceramic pot, this makes a lovely gift!

 *Please note, due to the oxalate crystals/oxalic acid in this plant it is not recommended for homes with curious pets or children who may sample the leaves.

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